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Patrick A. Schettini, Jr. Memorial Library


  • THE LIBRARY IS OPEN FOR QUIET STUDY ONLY DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.    Twenty (20) passes will be given out for each block.   You will be sent back to your study if you are not working or if you are being disruptive.  A loss of library privileges is one of the consequences for not observing our core values in the library.
  •  ** IMPORTANT ** Before coming to the library, students will report to their scheduled study.   Study teachers will take attendance and then check the spreadsheet to see if a student has signed up.   Students who signed up beforehand may then report to the library and sign in upon arrival.  
  •  THERE IS NO EATING LUNCH IN THE LIBRARY.  If you need to work quietly in the library during your lunch, get permission from Ms. Burke or a pass from a teacher.
  •  ALWAYS SIGN IN AND OUT at the front desk if you need to go somewhere. 
  • Students working on GROUP PROJECTS should get a note from the teacher who assigned the project if they need to work as a group in the library.
  • During FLEX BLOCK, the library typically is reserved by Guidance, student groups, for tutoring, and for other school-sponsored activities. If you need a pass for Flex Block, you must get from one of your current teachers in the form of a signed, school-issued hall pass, with the reason stated.  

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