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About RMHS

The primary goal of Reading Memorial High School is the preparation of students to be literate, skilled, creative, healthy, competent and informed citizens-appreciative of the arts; capable of critical thinking and problem-solving; and able to function intellectually, emotionally and physically within a complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.

The Core Values that guide all members of the RMHS Community and all of our actions and decisions are:


As educators, we believe our work centers on the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. We help our students enhance their ability to think by teaching the symbols and concepts through which thought and creativity take place, and by developing the skills for using those symbols and concepts. The uses of intelligence with which we are concerned include critical thinking, observing, information gathering, processing and evaluating, listening, logic, computation, oral and written communication, and the application of these skills in decision-making and problem solving. We help our students by imparting knowledge of their bodies and providing opportunities for physical activity.

We believe that a good learning community should be one

  • that is safe, caring, consistent, fair, flexible, open and democratic.
  • that meets the needs of all students through educational programs that promote individual fulfillment in a variety of ways as well as encompasses the complex interdependency of the world and the community.
  • that achieves educational excellence in an environment which promotes the free and open exchange of ideas; encourages mutual respect, creative expression and problem-solving skills; fosters human dignity; and recognizes and respects racial, ethnic, cultural and sexual differences.
  • that promotes individuality; nurtures self-esteem, health and well-being; and encourages participation in a democratic society.

We believe that the education of our young people is the shared responsibility of the school, student, family and community.

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